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Date/Time:Tuesday, 5:30ish?
Location: AIM Conversation - Cameron at home, Chase at PPTH
Open To: No one.
Currently Involving: Cameron and Chase.
Warnings: None.

immunosuppress: Hey, Chase. You awake?
Intensivist MD: Just barely. What about you?
immunosuppress: Obviously.
immunosuppressI'm still suffering the effects of caffiene from earlier this evening.
Intensivist MD: I can imagine. I bet half, if not more, of the coffee from the lounge is missing from you alone.
immunosuppress: Well, the less you sleep, the more you can get done, I suppose. Although I don't tend to take advantage of the extra time.
Intensivist MD: The less you sleep, the harder it is for your brain to function correctly, too. Besides, the last thing you need is to be exhausted and under House's rule. It's not a fun game to play.
immunosuppress: Voice of experience, I gather? You weren't looking too well, yourself, the other day.
Intensivist MD: I suppose you could call it that. Being on call for the ICU is never anything that is personally satisfying. Especially when they call at obscene hours of the morning.
immunosuppress: My sympathies. Although, the last time I had anything quite that grueling, it was in residency.
immunosuppress: Are we still on for tomorrow morning? I mean, if you're that tired, maybe you should sleep in.
Intensivist MD: Yeah, I don't see why not. I'm not that tired, honestly.
Intensivist MD: Just have to close for clinic tonight and go home. It's not like there's going to be anything interesting keeping me up.
immunosuppress: you want to come over here? After clinic? It would probably be more...practical.
Intensivist MD: Might as well. I'm supposed to grab dinner with Foreman, but I'm sure you can guess how interesting that will be. I'll have to page him later to cancel.
immunosuppress: All right. I think I have some of those microwavable Thai Kitchen noodle boxes, if you can stomach them.
Intensivist MD: I'm a Doctor. We're forced to stomach things for energy beyond our will. No offense to the cafeteria staff, of course.
immunosuppress: Well, good luck. Sooner or later, they'll probably discover that ramen is a contributing factor to peptic ulcers.
Intensivist MD: Aha, thanks, I do suppose I'll need it. And you know that half of the U.S. population will still consume them, anyway. Myself included.
immunosuppress: No doubt. Although, half the U.S. population smokes cigarettes, binge-drinks, and has unprotected sex, too. So I don't know how much confidence we should be putting in their ability to make healthy judgments.
Intensivist MD: We don't put much in them at all. This is why the clinics were created.
immunosuppress: Please don't speak of clinics. Bad memories.
Intensivist MD: I think we're all scarred.
immunosuppress: Although House is the only one who publicly whines about it with such vivacity.
Intensivist MD: Because it's expected of him. Well, I should probably get back before Brenda comes and hunts me down. I'll see you later?
immunosuppress: Have fun with all the clinic patients. If possible.

Date/Time:Tuesday, 6
Location: AIM Conversation
Open To: No one.
Currently Involving: Chase and Foreman
Warnings: None.

Intensivist MD: Hey, Foreman. Have to cancel those dinner plans, sad to say. Somethin' has come up.
neuroforhouse: Yeah? Patient decided he liked you less than usual?
Intensivist MD: Aha, that, too. He's not exactly the conversational type.
neuroforhouse: Yeah, I gathered as much from our conversation earlier. Did ICU decide they need you or something? I know you were stuck closing clinic.
Intensivist MD: They probably will. I'm just running a little short on time this evening.
neuroforhouse: That's understandable. Anything that I can help you with? Paperwork, or has House shifted all that off to Cameron as usual?
Intensivist MD: I think I've got it handled. Thanks, though. We should definitely reschedule. This case is one to contemplate, I think. Cameron said the ventricles on the CT were slightly enlarged, so it might mean something. Might not.
neuroforhouse: Sounds fine to me. We'll shoot for next week?
Intensivist MD: Sounds great, just give me a time and place and I'll be there. See you around, yes?
neuroforhouse: Yeah. See you around.
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