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Date/Time: Tuesday, 8 PM
Location: Cameron's home
Open To: Cameron
Currently Involving: Chase and Cameron
Warnings: sexual content

The moment the clinic's lights were shut off, Chase was quick to return to the diagnostics lounge and gather up his things. He wanted to leave the hospital before they had any chance to grab him again and pull him back into the draining hospital. Throwing the strap to his briefcase over his shoulder, he made his way out of the Princeton Plainsboro with a relieved sigh. To be out and away from the glaring florescent lights and the dead smell that it seems to carry was a wondrous feeling.

It wasn't long at all before he was latching his seat belt in his car and zipping off down the streets, mind and body running on auto-pilot as he navigated to Cameron's apartment. Stifling a small yawn, he rubbed a hand over his face and then through his hair, pushing it back away from his face. Pulling into the complex, he parked his car and climbed out, sure to lock his doors before he moved elsewhere. Stretching arms over his head, he approached Cameron's home and lightly knocked upon the door, waiting for a response from the immunologist inside.
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Cameron had just finished pouring herself a glass of water when she heard Chase's knock. Setting down the cup, she crossed to the door, pausing for a brief moment to run her fingers through her hair, tucking a few loose curls behind her ears before opening the door.

"Hey, Chase," she smiled, stepping aside. "Come on in." She turned and walked back toward the kitchen. "Are you still hungry, or did you eat something already?"
Stepping inside when she moved aside, he returned the smile and looked around momentarily, the place already quite familiar to him. Running a hand through his hair again, he glanced over at her, "Haven't eaten anythin' yet. I'm not sure I'd trust the cafeteria's food right now, anyway."

Shrugging off his coat, he hung it over the back of a chair and moved to follow her into the kitchen. Leaning against the doorway, he watched her for a moment before speaking up, "How're you holding up? Still running on only that caffiene?"
Cameron opened the pantry door and bent over, pushing aside the boxes and cans on the bottom shelf as she searched for the noodles. "I'm not entirely sure that you should trust this food, either," she said pointedly, straightening up with a few cartons of microwave ramen in her hands. "I've got 'roasted peanut' and 'pad thai.' Any preference?"

She turned her head to look at him again, arching an eyebrow. "Unfortunately, yes. I'd almost resigned myself to another night of repetitive TV dramas. So it's good that you could come."

"I'm not so sure that I do," He teased and glanced over at her briefly before his eyes wandered away as she stood. "Whichever. Beggars can't be choosers, eh?" He moved into the kitchen and casually moved to lean against the counter.

"TV Dramas never prove to be very good company." Shifting a little, he gave a small hop and he was sitting up on the edge of the counter top, knowing full well he probably really shouldn't. At this point, though, he was sure they were both coming close to being passed the point of caring.
"Pad thai it is," Cameron said, tossing the peanut back in the cabinet and peeling back the cardboard lids of the remaining two cartons and filling the plastic trays partway with water and adding the noodles and seasoning before sliding them into the microwave.

Cameron watched him push himself up onto the counter but she didn't comment on it. "Sometimes people don't either," she commented. "But I have high hopes." She smirked.
Stifling back a small yawn, the Aussie looked over at the woman, grinning softly. "I s'pose it is, then. Not so sure how the peanut ramen would've tasted, anyway. Seems a bit odd, doesn't it?" He wrinkled his nose and gave a small shrug.

"Hey now," Chase smirked and merely shook his head, "Play nicely now. I'd like to say I have high hopes, too. But I'm not so sure about it now if you're going to imply that I am a horrible guest, Allison." He jested, swinging his feet just slightly. These were the light moments that very rarely met the hospital, and he was becoming to be rather fond of them.
"It tastes like bile," Cameron said flatly as the microwave timer beeped. She retrieved the noodle trays and sat them on the counter, offering Chase a fork from the silverware drawer.

"Well, no, I don't think you're a horrible guest. You never have been in the past, at least." Her smirk grew and she moved closer to him, standing between his legs and bracing her hands on his thighs.

Chase snickered and took up the fork, fidgeting with it briefly before he was very much distracted by the woman's actions.

"That's good to hear," A smirk of his own started in on his lips and he set the fork aside so that one hand could rest atop her own. "I don't plan on being that horrible one now, either." His other hand would lift and gently brush fingertips against her cheek before he leaned down just enough in hopes to connect their lips, if only for seconds.
"All right, then." Cameron rose up on the balls of her feet to let their lips meet, curling her free hand around to the back of his neck. His mouth was warm, tasting slightly of coffee and cinnamon. She let her eyes fall closed as she deepened the kiss, opening her lips for him as her fingers moved upward through his hair.
Blues fluttered shut once their lips met and his hand rested against her neck, thumb gently ghosting over her skin. Sliding down off of the counter to close some of the space between them, he pushed into the kiss, tongue slipping out just enough to tease and run across her bottom lip before it took to exploring what was offered to him. She always tasted so sweet. He couldn't quite place it but it was addicting, more or less.
A soft, pleased noise escaped Cameron's lips and she pressed her body against his, backing him up against the counter and curling two fingers through a beltloop. She bit his lower lip just slightly even as she pulled his hips forward and then let her mouth move to his neck, trailing kisses along his jugular to the ridge of his collarbone.
His arms fell to wrap around her thin waist, hands moving to work against the fabric of her shirt. Quiet, contented noises escape his lips as her own lips begin to find his neck and collarbone. He tilts his head just enough to place feathered kisses against her ear while he slips one hand against her side, fingertips grazing against her skin as they begin to push back her shirt.
Cameron lifted her arms over her head so that he could pull off her shirt and almost immediately moved her fingers to his tie, unlooping the fabric expertly and dropping it to the floor. Smoothing her hands over his face, she kissed him again. This time was slightly more rough, hungry, as she fumbled with the first few buttons on his shirt.
Carefully, he tugged her shirt over her head and pressed close again the moment his tie fell forgotten to the floor. He pressed into the kiss just as roughly, nipping at her lips and clashing his tongue with hers in any moment he was given the chance. Hands ran along her skin, fingernails living temporary marks has he pulled them along the canvas he was offered. When that kiss was broken again, he took his moment to nibble and suckle upon her neck and shoulder, mapping her skin with many small marks along the way.
Cameron moaned aloud, tilting her head back as he dragged his nails across her skin and moved his lips along her neck. She finally finished unbuttoning his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders so that it crumpled in a pile on the countertop behind him.

Her hands gripped his back, digging red half-moons into his flesh. "Come on," she whispered. "This way." She grabbed his hand, entertwining her fingers with his as she tugged him along behind her, leading him toward the bedroom.
Her whispers alone were enough to cause him to shiver. Gripping her hand just slightly, he followed along behind her, knowing full well where they were headed. The moment they were in her room, he wrapped his arms around her waist once more, pulling her in against him and initiating another fierce kiss. One hand slid up in the midst of the kiss and fumbled with the clasp upon her bra, tugging her back little by little until the back of his legs were against the bed.
Tangling the fingers of one hand in his hair, Cameron returned the kiss with a furious intensity. Her other hand rested on his arse, pulling his pelvis forward as she thrust her hips against him once, twice.... There was the click of metal against metal as she unclasped his belt and pulled it off. Her breathing had quickened and grown shallow and she had to move her lips to his chest for a moment as she regained control over herself.
His breath hitched into the back of his throat the moments their hips made contact. God this woman was addictive. Lips pressed against her forehead until he turned his head just enough to nibble at her ear, his breath drawing heavy and heated from within him. Both of his hands, the moment they had undone the clasp, came to caress every inch of her skin that was available. Fingers trailed lightly along her back and sides until they fluttered just over her stomach, loving any teasing moment they could get.
Heat seared through her flesh where Chase's fingers met her skin and Cameron unzipped his pants. In a single, purposeful motion she had slipped her hand under the waistline of his boxers and curled her fingers around his cock. Leaning forward, she sought out his mouth once more, tongue tracing along his lower lip even as her fingertips glided down his shaft.
The moment those tricky fingers encircled him, he moaned behind their kiss, allowing a pleasured shudder pour over him. Deciding teasing games were best left for later, palms slid up her body gently until hands cupped her breasts, carefully working them beneath skilled hands. "Mm, shit..." He muttered breathlessly away from the kiss before diving in again with great intensity. Oh, no way she was going to have total control here.

Soon enough, one hand strayed and began to work at her pants while the other brushed finger tips over a nipple, doing anything in his power to make her just melt to him.
Cameron's head spun and she did not bother to suppress the soft gasp that escaped her lips as his fingers grazed the peak of her breast. Every nerve fiber in her body was suddenly on high alert, singing wtih electricity as she bit his lip.

"God, Chase...."

She drew back for a moment to kick off her pants and then kissed him again, thoroughly enjoying the battle for control over the affair. Pressing against him, she slipped one leg in between his, pressing her thigh against his erection.
Moaning deeply into the kiss, Chase pressed his body back against hers, rolling his hips in against the heat of her own. When even his own actions didn't suffice, his free hand fell to rest on her arse, pulling her in closer.

All logical thought was leaving as quickly as it could while skin was heated and hearts were racing. Oh, he didn't need to think to do this anymore. Backing up while lips, teeth and tongues clashed, the Aussie pulled the beauty down with him to the bed and strayed his lips from hers just long enough to breathe.

"Competitive, hm?" He smirked and kissed at her shoulder while fingers slid along her skin and began to tug at her final piece of clothing.
Cameron's hands had found their way back to his waistline and she pushed his pants down to his knees, letting her head fall forward to kiss the skin of his inner thigh before pulling them the rest of the way off.

"What," she said breathlessly, straddling his hips and leaning down to graze her lips over his neck, "is that a bad thing?"

She smirked and pressed her hands against his lower stomach, moving her thumbs in circles underneath his boxers, in the hollows below his hipbones. His skin was feverishly hot, and Cameron knew hers must be as well--boiling over with energy and tension.
A small gasp and moan escaped those lips when she placed kisses to his neck and thigh -- oh, she knew just how to get him, as well. He rested his hands upon her thighs, rubbing intricate patterns into her skin.

"Mm, not at all." He whispered, pressing a kiss against her ear before she retreated. Hips arched up at her touches, daring, wanting, needing to be closer than their bodies could provide just yet. He allowed his hands to wander again, tracing and tickling over everything he could reach before leaning up just enough to kiss her hungrily again.
Cameron made a soft, pleased sound against his lips, pressing her hips forward against him and raking her fingers through his hair. His hands were red-hot against her skin and she slipped her own fingers further below the waistband of his underwear, pushing it down slowly.

She bit down lightly on his lower lip, bruising it against her own then calming it with a flick of her tongue. "Good," she murmured, mouth brushing his even as she spoke. "I'd hate to disappoint."