aussie_blues (aussie_blues) wrote in plainsboro,

Date/Time: Monday (New Week), 8:30 AM
Location: Diagnostics Lounge
Open To: Anyone at all. This is just something to get us jump-started, maybe?
Currently Involving: Chase and Wilson
Warnings: None

Getting into work early wasn't something he planned on doing when he woke this morning. In fact, he had forgotten the idea of getting in early just after he understood that getting to work early would gain him the same amount of criticism as coming in late would. It was a lose-lose situation! But today he woke with an unsettling need to simply get up and go. Why he was so finicky, he honestly did not know, but he satisfied his need to move by getting up and going to work and entering the Diagnostic's Lounge.

The hospital's early morning calm was something he actually missed about the place. Sure, the clinic was just brimming with colds, flu's, and God only knows what kind of STD, but this didn't seem to affect the rest of the place. Most patients were probably getting up for tests or for their breakfast at this hour, so the halls were sure to become populated and soon enough a light murmur would begin settle in amongst the Princeton Plainsboro.

Instead of contemplating life, work or the various other topics the human mind could only try to perceive, he settled into a chair with a cup of coffee and started to flip through the newspaper for anything that might be interesting. Hopefully, they'd have a new case or something to work out. Chase wasn't sure how long he could just sit in the lounge without doing having to do something today.

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