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Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital

A House MD RPG

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Princeton, New Jersey. A town most noted for its famous Ivy League school, Princeton University. But within the walls of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, nothing is more remarkable than the cases that fall on to the desk of one Dr. Gregory House, Head of Diagnostic Medicine. Rare, bizarre, and exotic are just some of the ways to describe the cases, medicine, practices, and personalities of this world renowned diagnostics department. Life is never dull for the doctors involved, or anyone surrounding them. With this game we invite you to step into that world to interact and contribute to the interesting fabric of life inside.

plainsboro is a livejournal and AIM based RPG set in the universe of the highly popular Fox TV drama, House MD. Here we strive for accuracy with canon details, canon characterization, and strong writing. Consider this one large collaborative story that we are all striving to mold and develop into something we can all enjoy. If you are interested in joining us, use the links above to access the necessary information or just visit hospitaladmin.