Dr. Gregory House (houlmes) wrote in plainsboro,
Dr. Gregory House

Date/Time: Tuesday, 4:30-ish.
Location: Cuddy's office.
Open To: Cuddy.
Currently Involving: House and Cuddy.
Warnings: Nada.

Anyone who bothered to get in House's way in the hallway on his way to Cuddy's office was liable to be plowed over. Cane or no cane, anyone who had been in the hospital long enough to see him breeze by with his team at his heels could attest to House's speed. This was nearly doubled when he had something on his mind and a destination. His feet couldn't quite carry him as fast as his mind could go, but he seemed determined to try anyway. Was it an important case that depended on a sheer few minutes to save someone's life? No. House was concerned with the personal business of someone who was probably purposely trying to keep him out of it. But his goal was set. Without hesitating he turned the handle on one of the double doors to Cuddy's office, swinging it open and inviting himself in. The door had barely clicked shut behind him when he was making demands. "Has Wilson told you anything?"

There was a pause. He stared her down, looking a bit fiercer than he probably intended. Had he stopped to think it would have been something along the lines of getting himself together and grasping the reality of this situation. But when House felt that he had the right to know something and didn't, there was no stopping and thinking. He started over once he realized his vague question wasn't going to get him answers quickly enough. "Wilson's on antidepressants. Did you know anything?"

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