aussie_blues (aussie_blues) wrote in plainsboro,

Date/Time: Tuesday, 8 PM
Location: Cameron's home
Open To: Cameron
Currently Involving: Chase and Cameron
Warnings: sexual content

The moment the clinic's lights were shut off, Chase was quick to return to the diagnostics lounge and gather up his things. He wanted to leave the hospital before they had any chance to grab him again and pull him back into the draining hospital. Throwing the strap to his briefcase over his shoulder, he made his way out of the Princeton Plainsboro with a relieved sigh. To be out and away from the glaring florescent lights and the dead smell that it seems to carry was a wondrous feeling.

It wasn't long at all before he was latching his seat belt in his car and zipping off down the streets, mind and body running on auto-pilot as he navigated to Cameron's apartment. Stifling a small yawn, he rubbed a hand over his face and then through his hair, pushing it back away from his face. Pulling into the complex, he parked his car and climbed out, sure to lock his doors before he moved elsewhere. Stretching arms over his head, he approached Cameron's home and lightly knocked upon the door, waiting for a response from the immunologist inside.
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