Dr. Allison Cameron (immunosuppress) wrote in plainsboro,
Dr. Allison Cameron

Date/Time: Wednesday, 8 AM
Location: Cameron's apartment and nearby coffee shop
Open To: Chase
Currently Involving: Cameron
Warnings: None yet

Cameron leaned over the sink, peering into the mirror as she pulled her hair out of her face and secured it in a ponytail with a rubber band and splashed water on her face. Eight in the morning is not a god-awful time to be up, she had to remind herself. It only feels that way.

She dried her face off with a handtowel and exited the bathroom to kneel in front of the dresser, pushing aside tank tops and tee shirts until she found something professional and pulled it over her head. Her fingers fumbled somewhat on the buttons, still clumsy with sleep.

I really need coffee.

"Chase, are you ready to go?"
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